About Us


Based out of Georgia, Glamazon Boutique is an online retail shopping experience geared specifically towards the fashionably tall woman. At Glamazon, we embrace the beautiful tall woman by giving our customers the confidence of knowing that we made each product specially for you. Created by tall women for tall women, we understand your pain and believe that shopping should be fun, affordable and easy. Glamazon is here to do just that, provide an environment where you can confidently shop cute and stylish pieces catering to your tall physique. So, jump right in and let’s begin your shopping experience.


As the owner of Glamazon Boutique, I wear many hats.  Entrepreneur, Mother of a Beautiful Girl, Basketball Mom, Gym Rat, Former Collegiate Athlete and Yorkie Lover. I stand at 6’1 tall and love every single inch of my height. Glamazon Boutique was created because I believe that all women have the right to feel beautiful and sexy within their own skin. It took a little time for me to get there, but I fully arrived.


The name Glamazon derives from amazon, a warrior woman known for her tall, strong stature. All through school (and college) that was my nickname, one that I absolutely hated.  “Hey Amazon” or “Aren’t you an Amazon.” I was a lady and I didn’t want to be known as the “big warrior girl.”  At some point, I began to embrace the nickname and loved being complimented for my size and strength (inner and outer).  Fast forward a bit, I started a new job and the first thing my new co-workers said was “oh wow, we’re going to be working with an Amazon." But one lady stood up and said, “she’s no Amazon, she’s a Glamazon.” At that moment, I felt big, tall, strong, sexy, stylish, beautiful and the list goes on and on.  I embraced Glamazon even more than Amazon. I want all the women of the world to embrace their physique, especially my Glamazon Beauties.  So say it with me, “I am a Glamazon Beauty!”